The Tri-Lift Lubricator was designed with the user in mind.  The one-piece cap design allows for easy access to your spring and shift rod, while the dual honeycombed ports allow you to run any style of plunger.

  • Available Threaded or Flanged
  • Available in
    • 2 3/8
    • 2 7/8
    • 3 ½


The Tri-Lift Optimizer combines user friendly with functionality like the plunger lift industry has never seen before.  With the common sense  control design you will find yourself knowing how to navigate the Optimizer from the very first use.

  • Can be operated with time or pressure
  • Smart auto adjust functionality
  • Dual valve upgrade available
  • Elite telemetry upgrade available


Telemetry that will fit in the palm of your hand at a price that can add value to any operation.  The Elite telemetry system takes all of the control functions you have at the well and puts them in the palm of your hand wherever you are.  The user friendly navigation will blow you away, you will be operating the system like a pro within a matter of minutes.


The Patent Pending Elite Shift Rod is the only shift rod that allows the shift rod spring and the outer spring to act independently of each other.  This allows both springs to maintain their integrity providing you with that perfect shift every time.  Not only will this increase the life of your springs and rod, but case studies have shown across the board that by minimizing improper shifts at surface the Elite Shift Rod increases the life of  your plunger.